Curhat Fans Justin Bieber Asal Jakarta

Seorang penggemar fanatik Justin Bieber asal Jakarta, Sahnaz Fahardina, menulis pesan curahan hatinya tentang Justin Bieber di situs jejaring sosial Twitter.

Dalam pesan itu, Sahnaz mengungkapkan betapa sosok Justin Bieber telah berhasil membuatnya tegar dan mengembalikan semangat hidupnya kembali, setelah ia divonis mengidap penyakit kronis thalasemia oleh dokter.

Ketika mendengar rencana konser Justin Bieber di Jakarta, Sahnaz hanya bisa berharap dapat bertemu dan menyapa secara langsung tokoh idolanya tersebut.

Kemudian Sahnaz menulis pesan tersebut melalui Twitter yang ditujukan untuk Kenny Hamilton (pihak manajemen Justin Bieber) hingga ke pihak Berlian Entertainment, sang promotor konser Justin Bieber.

Berikut isi pesan Sahnaz tersebut:

“My name is Sahnaz Fahardhina. I’m 15 and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I make this twitlonger is actually to please all beliebers to help me to meet Justinbieber on 23th April in Jakarta.

I really love him so much, he made me believe that I have to live my dream,because everything is reachable. When I was 12 doctor told me that I’ve got a blood disease named Thalasemia and it really made me down.

I just knew that its a family disease when i was 13 there’s no medicine can heal my pain most of the children who had this disease died in the age 20. this is almost same as a blood cancer.

At first i thought that i couldn’t live longer because of this disease.
almost every months I had to go the hospital to get a blood transfusion.
but then my bestfriend rozan introduced justin to me, at first i thought he was nothing but she gave me his songs.

I heard them all, i started to love him more and more, i used to be a hater before finally he followed me, something i never thought before that it could be happen, i didn’t even follow him.

My love was getting bigger for him, rozan helped me get to know more about him by sites. And I saw an article of a cancer girl and what justin did to her was really touching.

I saw more videos on youtube about him and i read all story about him and finally i get his motto “Never Say Never” so from that time until now I believe in that motto , I will never say never to reach my dreams or at least to be totally healthy.

Now i rarely go to the hospital, power in my soul is bigger than my disease. Even last december when my friends were busy for exams, I had to take rest in the hospital i also was in comas for 3 days because of breathing problem, that time doctors said that if i had to get more spirit injection to live so that i can fight the death, and yeah it wasn’t affected me to give up, it made me stronger. and justin bieber is the one of the reasons why do i wanna stay.

When i knew that he will do a concert in Jakarta, I was so excited and i tried to save my money to buy the ticket, even it means i couldn’t buy any food at school haha, and the day comes. I came to a place where the management sold the tickets, when i went there it was 2 kilometers queue, it was very tiring and i fighted to another beliebers to get a ticket, i was not in a very good condition and after got the ticket i fainted, and finally it made me very weak and my mom brought to the hospital to get a blood transfusion again, but it doesn’t matter for me, Justin bieber gave me spirit injection from his movie, and his all songs.

He is more than a singer to me , I can stand over all sickness because of him, if i didn’t know him, maybe i will never can write this twitlonger and already stay in heaven. now Im strong enough to say that i will never give up with my pain, Nothing will kill me except god wants me to die, before that time i will fight this disease until my last breath and i will not let anyone let me down because i have a fire inside my soul.

Now all I wanna do is only to thank him of what he did to me personally, he inspired me more than anyone did. I really need your help to make my dreams come true. Your help means a lot to me.”