Top 5 Most Overlooked On-Page Factors For SEO

SEO on PAge When we think of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we tend to think of it as the act of inserting lots of ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’ into the content on our site and of building links with other sites. This is of course an apt description of a large part of SEO, but at the same time there is a lot more to it than that, and particularly in terms of on-site things you can do (on-site meaning things that you do to your actual site to improve SEO as opposed to things like link-building which actually takes place [by nature] on other sites). Here are a list of a few of things we can do to our websites, other than just cramming them full of keywords, that will make a big difference to our positioning in Google.

Meta-Tags: The meta tags are the tags in our website code that tell Google what a web page is about and provides summaries. As you can imagine then it’s pretty important for helping Google to index your site correctly. We all know about meta tags and yet many people still overlook them as part of their SEO strategy, most likely out of laziness more than anything else. Don’t make this rookie mistake then, and take just a little bit of time to fill in your meta tags and reap big rewards as a result.

Link Baiting: Link baiting is arguably the most organic and one of the most successful forms of SEO. What it basically aims to do is to get your visitors to do your SEO work for you by spreading your links among their friends relatives and on forums and social media thus creating a butterfly effect until your page has more links than you could post on your own. The best way to do this is to make your content high-quality but also viral in nature – the kind of thing that you think other people would want to pass on to others. You can also help them too by adding ‘share’ buttons to allow them to easily post your link on Facebook or Digg etc.

File-Names: This too will help Google to index things and it quiet an important element of SEO that’s often neglected. Use hyphens and make your filenames the same as your key phrases such as ‘best-way-to-make-money.htm’.

Images: Images are highly important on-page elements from an SEO point of view, and will rank in their own right in Google Images and other search engines that also search images. Particularly with the new Google Images people are very likely to view the site as well as just the image. To help get your image indexed by Google you should ensure you use a good file name, alt-tags and links (if the image is a link), but also make sure the image is one people will want to click on when they see it in the list.

Videos: Videos are a specific SEO technique that will work with some sites. Essentially though by including a YouTube video on your site you can increase the number of views (especially if you add ‘&auto play=1’ to the URLs). This will then increase the page rank of your YouTube channel, and here you include a link back to your site in order to create a self perpetuating ‘SEO loop’ of sorts.

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