9 Agt 2010

The Last Airbender

So, you'd still like to watch 'The Last Airbender'? After the "whole world" commented negatively on the side and recent work directed by M. Night Shyamalan's? Okay. How else, indeed, watching movies is a personal experience.

On Twitter, furor created by teenage twits, among loyal fans of the television series, which expresses the desire and curiosity in this movie just kept going up for days. In fact, several times, "The Las Airbender" became Trending topic number one, as the issue most talked about on Twitter at a time.

About Film The Last Airbender The film opened in an ice-covered plateau. Two young children, men and women, was playing. A woman is trying its ability to control water, but in fact about the man. Then, a giant ice ball appears. Inside it looks a bald boy froze. And, you immediately know, he's Aang, who was nicknamed The Las Airbender aka Last Wind controller, the Avatar, which will save the nations (Kingdom of Earth, Fire Nation, Air and the Nomad Tribe Wind) from destruction.

When freeing Aang (Noah Ringer) from confining snowball, two teenagers who were playing before, namely Katara (Nicola Peltz) and Sokka (Jackson Rathbone) do not know the bald kid was an important man that will save lives. While Aang was brought to the township Southern Water Tribe, Katara's residence Water Control, we are introduced to a group who rode in the middle of the ship. They are the Fire Nation forces, led by Prince Zuko (Dev Patel) who is in trouble: he was exiled by his father for being weak. He's an adventure to find the Avatar in order to prove that he was not a weak person, so they can return to his country.

Aang Presence in Southern Water Tribe village immediately detected by Prince Zuko who suspect that the boy's bare The Avatar was looking for. He managed to capture Aang, but Aang was soon able to escape and rejoin siblings Katara and Sokka. Aang invite them to visit her past, a large temple. However, they only see emptiness, and human bones scattered.

Concluded that Aang trapped in the ice ball during the 100 years. Then, the adventure continued. And, things were not the same anymore, since Aang is believed as the Avatar.

We are made out of breath by the way Shyamalan film flow packing, from dozens of episodes of television series to be 100 minutes. Really interesting tales to be felt less clear, jump up and down, like pieces which are connected with the rough. This is exacerbated by the stiff acting of the players. Noah Ringer looked very geeky kid played a character who magically when angry her eyes light up. His expression of "empty" failed to convince us that he was a savior of life which not only anticipated but also targeted to be destroyed by its enemies.

The scene when the people finally accept Aang as the Avatar should be grand and dramatic, but in reality it feels flat. Also the action scenes based on the wonders of water and air. Shyamalan seems to really not want to jor-fishing pole with a sensational special effects. It should be appreciated. However, despite that, this film is like losing the elements that should not be absent from this kind of fantasy story, the "fun".

Except for the township-perkampuangan panoramic Avatar world is beautiful and pamper the eyes, this film does not arouse our emotions, boring and makes us go home without bringing anything impression. But this new "Book One" of the four planned. Still want to wait for the next episode?

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