Sites ‘Substitute’ Photoshop

Sites 'Substitute' Photoshop For imaging purposes, does not always have to use the Photoshop-style software. Here are four web sites that can be used as a ‘replacement’ Photoshop.

Dar Adobe Photoshop application is so synonymous with the image processing activities. I was so identical, a digitally manipulated images are often called ‘photoshopped’ or ‘already in-photoshop’.

Photoshop may be the most rich software capabilities in this regard. However, in fact, Photoshop is not the only software that can be used to process images.

Just to mention it, there are software alternatives such as TheGimp a.k.a GNU Image Manipulation Program. Open source software also has the ability to fairly complete.

There’s also software called Paint. NET which was originally developed as an alternative to Microsoft Paint or Paintbrush. Paint. NET later manifest as a fairly reliable software.

Thanks to the development of web technologies, web sites can be used to process images. Only armed with a browser and Internet connection, the activity of ‘photoshopping’ could take place.

Here are four alternative sites that could be used for tooling manipulated the images on the Internet:


Has gained popularity since 2008, Pixlr until now still be the site of the most reliable imaging on the Internet. The most eye poke is how it looks like Photoshop.

Pixlr as if the older versions of Photoshop software which can be accessed through a browser. The most interesting feature of this application is that there is support for the Layer.

This site is worth a top choice for those who require online imaging. Apart from the hard disk image, Pixlr could pull images from a web address.


It’s not fair to display the website Photoshop alternatives without mentioning the fact Photoshop has a site called

On the site users can upload and manage your collection of photos and drawings. In addition, there surely editing capabilities.

Its features are minimal and more useful to make simple modifications such as adjust the color on the picture and give a certain effect. There is also the ability to add a cartoon-style decorations on the image.

To be able to use the features on its site, users must first register as a member. In addition to membership, other barriers are no menus to editing photos directly accessible from the front page of the site.

Access the Online Tools section https: / /


Ability may not like Pixlr, but Phixr can be quite tasty alternative to simple image processing on the web. Phixr was more relaxed and having fun than serious Pixlr more impressed.

Most operations performed in Phixr demanding user to first select the area to be targeted, and then choose the desired effect.

One thing is interesting, the user can suck up a picture from his Facebook account to be processed in Phixr. There’s also the option to access other image storage services, ranging from Flick to Photobucket.



One more image processing, which can be options is DrPic. Simplicity DrPic might be a factor superior enough for this service because it was made relatively quickly accessible.

Interestingly enough features such securities or Polaroid Raised Frame that can automatically process an image into a form that is more sweet to be displayed on the web.

DrPic prioritizes itself as a service for uploading photos and storing products. No wonder, because, the same party with DrPic makers also provide services at the same time altering the image size lots (batch resize) and image hosting.



Each web application’s performance will vary depending on:

  1. Ability to use computers, because certain applications will still use resources such as memory and processor.
  2. The quality of Internet connection used, as will often occur a transfer of data back and forth between a web application server and a user’s computer.
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