5 Jul 2010

Creating Links in Blogs and Variations of the link

This article is the article continued from previous post, namely Learn Basic HTML Codes. And here is how to create a link on the blog, as well as variations for the link. For example, links to open in a new window, and others.
Here are ways and examples to create a link on the blog:

Common links
<a href="http://yourURL.com">your link</a>

Link opens in new window
<a href="http://yourURL.com" target="_blank">your link</a>

Links with the show title
<a href="http://yourURL.com" title="your title">your link</a>

Link by hiding the URL
<a onclick="window.open('http://yourURL.com'); return false;" style="cursor: pointer;">your link</a>

Link opens in a new window and display the title
<a href="http://yourURL.com" target="_blank" title="your title">your link</a>

Link that is not indexed search engine
<a href="http://yourURL.com" rel="nofollow">your link</a>

You can try yourself to make a link on the blog. Hopefully useful.

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