Creating Links in Blogs and Variations of the link

This article is the article continued from previous post, namely Learn Basic HTML Codes. And here is how to create a link on the blog, as well as variations for the link. For example, links to open in a new window, and others.
Here are ways and examples to create a link on the blog:

Common links
<a href=”“>your link</a>

Link opens in new window
<a href=”http://yourURL.comtarget=”_blank”>your link</a>

Links with the show title
<a href=”” title=”your title“>your link</a>

Link by hiding the URL
<a onclick=”‘‘); return false;” style=”cursor: pointer;”>your link</a>

Link opens in a new window and display the title
<a href=”http://yourURL.comtarget=”_blank” title=”your title“>your link</a>

Link that is not indexed search engine
<a href=”http://yourURL.comrel=”nofollow”>your link</a>

You can try yourself to make a link on the blog. Hopefully useful.