Try Template Design Feature in Blogger

Are you a blogger? Have you tried the new features of Blogger? It’s “Template Designer” feature. This feature recently added to the Blogger dashboard, and we’ve been able to enjoy it. Obviously without editing the code in your blog template. So we do not bother to make our blogs look to be beautiful. Besides, there are many options provided templates. So you can choose one before designed it. And this will be very exciting.
Where we can try to template design?

Step 1.
Login to your Blogger Dashboard. Then click the “Design”.

Next click the “Template Designer” tab.

Step 2.
Now you can select a template first. Then determine the background, using either color or image.

You can also set the column for your blog. One column, two columns, three columns or more. In addition, set the width of your blog as well.
At the option “Advanced”, you can manage all the existing views in the blog. Such as the color and font of blog.

Step 3.
If it matches, save the template by clicking the “APPLY TO BLOG”. You are done.

How does the appearance of your blog?