Looking for Bloggers in the Same City

In fact, we as bloggers often find other bloggers with our regional. Whether it’s for just for fun, searching for an acquaintance, a friendship or even invited to gather in a community which then allows to meet each other. Based on my own experience, that indeed I have ever done. But that time I was stupid when searching for a local blogger friend, because I use a search engine, so pages generated not only from the bloggers who I mean.

For those of you Blogspot users (blogger.com), you need not bother to search for bloggers friends who live with you. For example please click the link below, then you will get hundreds or even thousands of bloggers in Kebumen (Indonesian).

Click Here

To find a blogger the same town, please you noticed the image below:

Step 1.

– From the Dashboard, click “View Profile”.

Step 2.

– Your profile will appear. Then click the city location, for example Kebumen. (See picture above)

Step 3.

You’re done.

Congratulations … you’ve found blogger friends in your city. You can acquaintance, exchange links, or meet with your new friends.