Beautify the Post with Pictures

beautify your post Writing on the blog is great. Especially if there are readers who read our writings. But sometimes we do not notice the beauty when others read our posts on the blog. Usually we just write and write. There was no merger between the posts with images or even photographs. Although we have given in the text coloring, but this is not enough to make writing interesting. Should we add one or several images in the writings on the blog. Of course, with pictures relating to the theme of your post. Thus, it is expected to enhance and beautify your post. Then how do I put pictures in the post?

We can put images in various positions in a blog post, like in the beginning, in the middle, in the end, right side or left side of the post. Here’s an example of how to put picture in post.

<img style=”margin: 0pt 10px 10px 0pt; float: left; width: 134px; height: 120px;” src=”” alt=”beautify your post” border=”0″ />

With the code above, then we will put a picture on the left of the post. Change the code of “left” ( float: left; ) with “right” for the right position, or “center” for positions in middle. “width” and “height” shows the image size, “src” is the url location of the image, “alt” is an alternative word that would appear if the image failed to load, and “border” is the thickness of the outline of the image.

In addition to add a picture, we can add the blockquote at the sentence we think is important (read: How to Create Blockquote). With the beauty of a blog post, hopefully the reader will feel at home in our blog.